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National Week of Agriculture

The national week of agriculture held on the island of Tanna was a highlight for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity (MALFFB) and the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business (MTTCNVB) in that the main focus of this show was not necessarily on size but more on the need for converting primary products into business opportunities. the principal consultant of PCG, Mr. Roy Amos Pakoasongi was present on Tanna during this event as a consultant for the department of agriculture. The final report of the NWA was presented to the MALFFB executives on the 16/12/21. 


Dubai Expo

PCG had the task of producing 1000 woven trays and baskets that will be used to package the local products that are to be displayed in the Dubai expo. A member of the PCG team, miss Marie Helen, was sent to Pentecost accompanied by 2 local weavers to identify and train groups of weavers in each community to be able to weave the required design of trays and baskets to meet the total.