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Tough negotiators pose with MOU: Director of Trade and Industry Jimmy Rantesi shakes hands with Michelle Jonas of PVMC while from left to right: Manager Mahitahi Haos and Handikraf Senta Roy Pakoasongi, DG Trade and Industry George Borugu, Trade Development Officer Peter Judge and Team Leader of Strategic Tourism Action Plan Geoff Hyde look on.

Manager Roy Pakoasongi (left) discussing products with Bulvanua Cooperative President Rosalie Vatu at Mahitahi.

Vanuatu’s NGER’s team of experts – including Roy Pakoasongi, Jimmy Rantes and Noel Kalo – presented results of detailed studies of the copra/coconut, cocoa and sandalwood sectors, which included extensive consultations with producers in the field. The studies examined the main obstacles to enhancing levels of production and quality by farmers and expanding product diversification and supply volumes by downstream processors.

Pam recovery part of Vanuatu National Green Export Review discussions Jimmy Rantes giving his presentation at the workshop, UNCTAD’s Robert Hamwey, Noel Kalo, Roy Pakoasongi and UNCTAD’s David Vivas Eugui.

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Collaboration with UNCTAD

Reeling from the catastrophe of Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu rebuilds with an export strategy for its copra/coconut, cocoa and sandalwood products.

Vanuatu National Green Export Review

Pam recovery part of Vanuatu National Green Export Review discussions

Population density impacting on coconut planting: Pakoasongi

Collaboration with Whiteshields Patners

National Industrial Development Strategy 2018-2020

Vanuatu Agricultural Sector

Draft Vanuatu Agriculture Sector Policy

Vanuatu Agriculture Sector Policy

Vanuatu National Coconut Strategy

Handicraft House

Roy and Rosa

DG targets small islands for products